Volunteer at Charle Street

Since 1952 Charle Street has been able to help sick alcoholics and carry the AA message. Charle Street is a 10-Day Alcohol Detox facility designed to provide the services necessary to get sober and stay sober upon completion of the 10-Day program. Here are just some of the things that Charle Street provides:

  •   10-Day program with shelter    
  •   Daily 12-step meetings
  •   Three hot meals a day and snacks
  •   Clothing
  •   Toiletries and hygiene items
  •   Resources for sober graduates

Today, there are 14 committees that run the house for one week at a time and alternate accordingly. Each committee has 3 dedicated, sober, and experienced committeemen who oversee operations during the week. Assisting the committeemen are several alternates assigned to specific committees to ensure that there is always a safe, clean, and sober environment for men with a desire to recover.

Any man with more than 6 months of sobriety is welcome to volunteer as an alternate on a committee at Charle Street. To volunteer you must first attend two consecutive committee business meetings scheduled for the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:00pm.

If interested please call: (949) 642-2941